Introducing magma

African founder residency

Sep 23, 2023

The Borderless team is excited to announce magma, a two-week in-person residency that offers hands-on support to Africa’s top founders building the continent’s economy onchain. 

Africa’s financial and economic infrastructures are being built in a decentralized and modular way. magma serves as a point of coordination for African founders to build interoperable products and services to meet the needs of the African market. As future cohorts join, the alumni community will serve as a powerful network for founders to build the legos of Africa’s economy, find new collaborators and partners. 

magma brings along thematic experts, experienced founders, and infrastructure builders from around the world, to provide hands-on technical and non-technical support to help you be successful.

Who is magma for

magma is a curated program for founders and teams who are building:

  • For the African market

  • Products that have fundamental utility

  • Onchain or on the path to moving onchain

  • Interoperable products and services( in an open garden.

Hands on-support

Founders receive structured support in smart contracts, security, privacy, zero knowledge proofs, tokeneconomics, product, GTM, DAO  and governance, fundraising, and areas that you tell us are most important. We are also doing deep dives on Layer 2s you can build on.

There will be opportunities to seek investment, grants for R&D, and access to top VC networks around the world.

  • Location: Kenya

  • Dates: March 3-15 2024

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